Automatic Bag Stitch Feeder

Auto Stich Feeder feeds bag to the stitch head after specified number of pouches filled into the bag. It consists of two jaws which grasp the mouth of bag and feed it straight to the stitching head.. Alligators Auto Stitch Feeder set the industry standard for quality, safety, dependability and cost-effective bag closing in the most demanding industrial environments.


Type Pneumatic Feeder and Positive Chain Drive System
Machine Speed Up to 15 Bags / min
Types of bags Preformed Open Mouth, Pillow/Gusset Bags
Capacity of magazine 250-500 Bags
Bag feeding system Magazine Feeder
Bag material Poly-Woven, Paper Bags.
Bag width 250 - 650 mm
Bag length 500 - 1200 mm