Bag Flattner

Alligator Automation provides you numerous accessories to your bag filling requirements. Bag- flattener is device to give the bag uniform shape by compacting it. Due to uniform shape & flat surface bag-pallet becomes stable. Stacking of bag for different patterns becomes stable.


  • Speeds up to 20 bags per minute.
  • Robust Construction.
  • Adjustable to accommodate most bag sizes.
  • Customized designs to integrate in any bagging line.
  • Adjustable level for various bag thickness.
  • Can be upgraded with a vibrator.

Technical Specification

Type Conveyor Type Bag Flattener
Conveyor Width 400mm Min. - 800mm Max.
Convey Height 350mm Min. - 3500mm Max.
Total Length To Be Specified By Requirement
Speed Of Conveyor 6-30 m/min
Material Of Construction MS.
Flattening Level Adjustable

Reference Drawing